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  • Heather Mistretta

24 Resolutions for 2019 (in no particular order

Ok, so here’s my first-ever attempt at making resolutions. I have a really good feeling about this year, so I thought why not. Sorry for being a few days late.

  1. Definitely smile and laugh out loud more.

  2. Stop doubting myself. The imposter syndrome is a myth. Replace it with, why can’t I do that?

  3. Be kind in spite of unkindness and pettiness from others.

  4. Embrace every opportunity, both big and small!

  1. Pet more dogs.

  2. Travel more. Go back to Ireland and to a place or places I’ve never been before.

  3. Get my hair professionally cut more than once a year.

  4. Read more novels, allowing myself to escape to another place through words.

  5. Start my book…really, this time! And more importantly, keep it going until it’s done!

  6. Get in really good shape, both inside and out.

  7. Not be afraid of love, both giving and receiving.

  8. Jump feet first into my nonprofit, making sure to ask for help along the way, and really make a profound difference. Every girl deserves the right to education and a life absent of abuse no matter where she lives.

  9. Not forget to ask for help…realizing it’s not a weakness on my part.

  10. Eat more peanut M&Ms.

  11. Dream big…I mean really big...and not only at night.

  12. Speak in front of a crowd (trying not to blush, shake, sweat or all of the above).

  13. Not cry like a blubbering idiot at my son’s graduation or when he leaves for college.

  14. Not be afraid of the past or let it define me.

  15. Use the words “sorry” and “just” less.

  16. Eat more ice cream and take naps.

  17. Watch the sun rise over the ocean more often. Leaves me awestruck every single time.

  18. Of course, write more!

  19. Not beat myself up if I don’t meet all my resolutions by year’s end.

  20. Don’t follow lists in any particular order. 

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