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Email/Business-to-business marketing--The lifeblood of any business. The Data & Marketing Association said that for each $1 spent on email marketing, companies made $38 in return. We tailor your emails to fit your branding and spark the attention of your readers. We will also help you build your email list to expand your exposure. Looking for a newsletter that gets the attention of your clients and prospective clients? We can help!

PR/Media Outreach--Because I am a former journalist, I know what journalists are looking for. I will send tailored media pitches using my extensive list of sources to get you the attention you deserve.

Biographies/About Us--Personalizing your business is key to bolstering your branding so let us help you put a face behind your company name. We can also collaborate on larger projects that involve narratives and biographies. Have a good life story to tell? We can help! 

Website content/Monthly maintenance--Content is the leading marketing tool. According to HubSpot, good website content can boost traffic by nearly 70 percent! In addition to overhauling your content, I can monitor your content on a monthly basis so that it stays up to date and continues to educate, offer services and entertain your audience.

Copywriting--Backed by 25 years of copywriting and journalism experience, Pressing Releases will craft compelling copy that persuades and raises brand awareness and generates leads.

Speech Writing--Well crafted speeches whether you are addressing an intimate party of 25 or a crowd of 500.

LinkedIn Profiles--We will help you create a profile that gets noticed, improves your reputation and strengthens your overall branding. 

Plus....College essays; Obituaries; Video Scripts; Promotional copy, i.e. ads--print, radio, tv; Social Media posts; Letters; Book writing, editing, promotion; Speeches/presentations; Product descriptions; Brochures and more!

And more!

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