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Where we let others know how wonderful you are.

Email/Business-to-business marketing--The lifeblood of any business. The Data & Marketing Association said that for each $1 spent on email marketing, companies made $38 in return. We tailor your emails to fit your branding and spark the attention of your readers. We will also help you build your email list to expand your exposure. Looking for a newsletter that gets the attention of your clients and prospective clients? We can help!

White Papers--Share your expertise with others by writing a white paper, a report or guide that informs readers concisely about a complex issue and presents the issuing body's philosophy on the matter. It is meant to help readers understand an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision. These can be valuable to your clients or potential clients.

Video Scripts--Share your story in a creative, memorable way through well-crafted script writing that not only informs but also unravels a story in a way that garners the attention of viewers.


Case Studies--Share your client successes through case studies. Show how your business was able to transform their own business. This not only helps you but also offers your client more visibility for their own business on your website. 

PR/Media Outreach--Because I am a former journalist, I know what journalists are looking for. I will send tailored media pitches using my extensive list of sources to get you the attention you deserve.

Biographies/About Us--Personalizing your business is key to bolstering your branding so let us help you put a face behind your company name. We can also collaborate on larger projects that involve narratives and biographies. Have a good life story to tell? We can help! 

Website content/Monthly maintenance--Content is the leading marketing tool. According to HubSpot, good website content can boost traffic by nearly 70 percent! In addition to overhauling your content, I can monitor your content on a monthly basis so that it stays up to date and continues to educate, offer services and entertain your audience.

Copywriting--Backed by 25 years of copywriting and journalism experience, Pressing Releases will craft compelling copy that persuades and raises brand awareness and generates leads.

Speech Writing--Well crafted speeches whether you are addressing an intimate party of 25 or a crowd of 500.

LinkedIn Profiles--We will help you create a profile that gets noticed, improves your reputation and strengthens your overall branding. 

Plus....College essays; Obituaries; Video Scripts; Promotional copy, i.e. ads--print, radio, tv; Social Media posts; Letters; Book writing, editing, promotion; Speeches/presentations; Product descriptions; Brochures and more!

And more!

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