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Welcome to Pressing Releases

Your Go-To Source for all your writing needs.

One of my favorite songs is "Imagine" by John Lennon. Its words tug at my emotions and conjure up sweet memories of the past while stirring up hopeful glimpses for the future. Whether you are a small or large business owner, you are pursuing a passion and trying to grow your business through fostering connections, broadcasting your message and convincing prospective clients that you are the right choice. 

Now imagine a company that can facilitate a creative roadmap for you, infusing storytelling in everything it does.

At Pressing Releases,  we understand that this can sometimes be a struggle. But we also know that through thoughtful storytelling, this is possible and we also know that we don't know everything and we have a lot to learn about your business. By getting to really know you and your business or venture and what motivates you, we are able to project your message loud and clear and with the voice that reflects your philosophy. The result is a genuine brand that makes the choice easy for your potential clients. In the end, it's all about the storytelling. Storytelling has built empires, preserved history and connected communities throughout the ages. Now let us help you today grow your business, sell your book or share ideas through our storytelling.

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About the founder

Heather Mistretta

MY PORTFOLIO on Contently

Once upon a time there was a writer who yearned to find a job where she could tell stories and really make a difference.

Real stories that made a difference where she was able to step outside the box, explore her boundaries of curiosity and support others with the same passion. Not the stale, fairly-tale type, but rather those impactful ones with meaning where she was able to apply her professional experience as well as life experiences while still paying attention to the left side of her brain and its ability to problem solve, analyze data and adhere to branding guidelines and mission-driven marketing strategies.

Thank you for reading the beginning of my story. I look forward to continuing my story with you.

I have more than 30 years of professional writing and editing experience as well as extensive experience in all aspects of communications (including website content creation, planning, media relations, video scripting, marketing and nonprofit development and leadership).


I have launched a newsletter; managed a team of journalists; written for a worldwide news service where I also helped to create the electricity reporting desk; acted as assistant editor for an alumni magazine where I also spearheaded the first women's forum and regularly wrote press releases; and co-founded a non-profit in 2013 called Women & Girls Education-International of which I am president. Since 2022, I have served on the board of the Native American International Caucus.

I am also the founder of the former Expanded Horizons Tutoring, where the inception of Pressing Releases first began when parents of tutees asked me about writing services for themselves after seeing such improvement in their children's writing. It seemed like a natural fit.

Concurrently, I have volunteered for social services, tutored math and English to junior high school students in Washington, DC, and taught English as a second language to a Taiwanese minister...all the while jotting down my thoughts in several journals including my favorite one created by my son....

...but perhaps my story is best told through my blogging. Within my blogs, I have woven in my philosophies, motivations. passions and what drives me to write! 

I'd love to hear what you think, and feel free to contact me at!

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