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Bolster your business or unleash your creativity with Pressing Releases’ New Writing Workshops!



Pressing Releases is available for training sessions and writing workshops for business. Stave off the thousands of dollars businesses are losing every year due to poor writing skills and streamline your business by signing up for one of my workshops, which can be done at your workplace for as little as an hour! Think lunchtime learning!


I also have new workshops children to freely express themselves outside of the rigid constructs they are used to in a conventional educational environment. With no obligatory test prep, we are given the opportunity to teach children holistically and with no boundaries, allowing them to nurture their innate imaginations. No pressure, no tests, no stress…just fun and lots of creativity.

Although I will work hard to customize a course that is a perfect fit for you, here is a sampling of the courses I can offer:

1. So You Want to Be a Journalist—Learning journalistic writing can serve as a foundation for any other writing styles. We are firm believers that you need to learn the basics first. Mark Twain once said, “If you can’t write something simply, then you don’t know what you’re talking about.”  With Twain’s advice in mind, this workshop will teach the basics of crafting a good story without sacrificing creativity. A news story or technical writing does not have to be boring. Being a good journalist means knowing what questions to ask and listening, listening, listening. Then you can tell your story. Taught by a former journalist with Thomson Reuters in New York City, this workshop will appeal to both budding journalists and other writers alike. For ages 11-15.


2. How to Get the Attention of Admissions Through Your Writing--It’s not just all about testing— Becoming more and more important to college admissions is the college essay, which tends to be a thorn in the sides of many high school juniors and seniors. But it doesn’t have to be. For years, you have been told to follow rules and stay within the lines, but now’s your chance to break out of those boundaries and unleash your creativity! In this workshop, children will be able to explore their imaginations and aspirations and learn how to transfer those to their writing and get the attention of college professionals while in turn maybe learning a little more about themselves! For ages 15-18.


3. Cathartic Writing: The Healing Power of Writing--This class is designed for children who may be dealing with something that is bothering them, which yes, means every child. Anything from the loss of a loved one/parent to difficulty with a peer at school to a common teenage problem like acne. Children will be given the opportunity to share verbally and/or through their writing, and we will then share with parents. We will encourage sharing, but not expect it. We’re hoping to provide a relaxing, comfortable environment for your child with no judgment. This creative release will help to alleviate stress by expressing their feelings, putting them into perspective and offering hope for a brighter future. For ages 13-18.


4. Blah Blah Blah Blogging at Any Age: Ways to get the creative juices flowing toward a successful blog--Blogging has become quite the buzz word on the internet…and for good reason. As people comb the internet, all with different motives, looking for the right fit to meet their need, most are looking for the one that stands out from the crowd. For businesses, blogging is one way to get noticed. But did you know it can also be a wonderful way to express yourself, help a charity or simply to have fun?

5. You’re a Poet and You Might Not Know It—Children will learn that poetry does not have to be intimidating and can actually be quite fun. They will learn to actually enjoy poetry, both as a reader and a writer. From short and sweet Haikus to narrative verse, it’s up to your child what less traveled road they take on their writing adventure. And if there’s enough interest, I hope to also have an adult class that I promise will not bring back any bad memories from high school!


6. Writing your Life Story at Any Age: The Art of Journal Writing—Children will be able to explore their imaginations freely as they tap into journal writing and the benefits it offers. They will be asked to start with a gratitude list, which will start them off on a positive note and energize them to want to express themselves through their writing. There will be no limitations on length or content, and they will be given the control to only share what they’d like to share.


7. Writing lessons from Einstein…yes, Einstein—The famous genius, Albert Einstein once said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge,” and I couldn’t agree more. As children, we all start with an enormous amount of creativity, but inhibitions seep in and social pressures chip away at it. Our current state of education that teaches for the test strips away some of the innate creativity and stifles the urge to stretch outside our comfort zones. But it doesn’t have to be lost forever! We can help you tap into your children’s creativity, which will also fuel their learning.


8. Make an Influence on LinkedIn—It’s never too early to prepare for college and for life after college. And LinkedIn is only growing in popularity as it becomes one of the best networking tools. While your children learn, I invite you to also join our class!


9. A Resume Can be Your Friend—Keeping in tune with the philosophy that it’s never too early to prepare for after college, we have developed a course to create an attention-getting resume…and cover letter—one that won’t be overlooked like the several hundred others. Learn how to highlight achievements and results rather than skills and responsibilities. We like to follow the 3 Hs philosophy so that you come across as Humble, Honest and Hungry.


10. Helping People Through Writing—Explore the many ways that persuasive writing can change lives. Looking for ways to highlight a charity or foundation? Learn how to appeal to your readers’ emotions and persuade them to give or offer help.

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